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💥 "Media and Speaking for Your Business Growth"

💥 We are sharing the podcast feed for some of the amazing industry experts we have speaking at the Break Through with Media summit – fabulous background and insights on how they help people succeed with media, speaking, publicity, PR – and more!    

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Podcast Guesting - How to Make it Pay
TV and PODCASTS Work Together

Podcasts Guesting – How to Make It Pay

Learning how to strategically utilize podcast guesting is one of the most powerful things you can be doing right now to grow your business! This webinar originally streamed Thur Oct 6.  Catch this info-packed WEBINAR REPLAY to find out:

1. how this is some of the ‘best bang for your buck’ content you could produce for your business

2. the 5 essential steps you need to take to really do it right

3. the do’s and don’t’s of each

Podcasts and TV Appearances – Powerful Players in Your Media Plan

Podcasts and TV can provide Free Media Exposure for your Business ~ if you know what you’re doing.  Join us for this free webinar Wed Sept 1 at 12pm PST   where we will break it down and show you what’s involved. 

Catch this info-packed WEBINAR REPLAY to find out
why you’d want broadcast media for your publicity, how these 2 work together in your sales process and what you need to have in place to strategically utilize these media.

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Essential Steps to Podcast Guesting Success

YOU are a busy person who knows the value of your time; you are using podcast interviews to build brand, audience, network and, ultimately, your business.

The goal is to create a series of powerful content – starring YOU – that sits on 12 of the most influential platforms on the planet.

Each episode acts as your digital PR agent.

That requires an essential 5-step process. Once you have your process in place, it’s rinse-and-repeat marketing gold.

Ready to start?

You can try and figure it out by trial and error - and those errors will be out there, searchable and findable, for years to come - or you can do it right from the start.

Ready to start?

You can try and figure it out by trial and error - and those errors will be out there, searchable and findable, for years to come - or you can do it right from the start.

Hey, nice to meet you!

Done correctly, podcast guest appearances can provide HUGE publicity and opportunities; I want to help you achieve that!

In addition to the tech, strategy and behind-the-scenes info you need to crack the code on successful podcast guesting, the unique expertise I offer my client is the ability to mine the key elements of the journey that made you what you are today – the unique essence you bring to the table – and, combining that with the psychology of persuasion to create your brand story.
1 +
Years of

What they are saying

It often takes takes another person to
help us tell our story in a way
that captures our brilliance

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