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People need to rapidly understand WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY that matters to them.

Visuals great visuals – are the fastest way to achieve that.

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Design a 3-day virtual business event on how to get earned media and speaking slots to vault your brand above the competition

with Break Through with Media Events

About us

Human brains are wired visually – over 50% of its neural network is devoted to visual processing.

Great visuals instantly speak to the viewer’s subconscious, tell a story and instill a perception.

Visual design has the power to captivate, to resonate, and unlock the mind of the viewer. 

As your dedicated, as-needed team, we can bridge the gap, delivering the visual content that really speaks to your audience and drives your success.

Our Solution...

The Of Course Agency offers specialized design and content creation services tailored for tech, science, and engineering sectors. Leveraging cutting-edge AI tools and our combined tech backgrounds, we rapidly create impactful marketing or education content, brand design, presentation and virtual event experiences that effectively convey clients’ message, promote their brands, and engage their audiences.

Who We Help...

Our sweet spot is helping the rapidly-growing tech, science, and engineering sectors, where companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of clearly and effectively communicating WHO they are, WHAT they do, and WHY it matters to their target market.

Why Us?

Unlike many design agencies, we don’t just understand design and marketing, we also understand tech, science, and engineering – and the AI tools to use to bring your project to life. Our team has backgrounds in these fields and we use AI tools to bring a level of efficiency, creativity and quality impossible pre-AI.

Our Team

The Of Course team is composed of experienced professionals with backgrounds in graphic design, business consulting, e-learning design, engineering, and AI tool implementation. This unique combination of skills allows us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

Rain Shimizu-Smith, BSc

AI Graphic Design

September Smith, PEng, MA

Co-Founder, Instructional Design, AI Business Strategy

Axel Kacha

Consultant, Engineer, Sales​

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