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Can You Do It?


You hear about people who have created premium online courses and membership sites to market their expertise and create powerful new income; CAN YOU?


Create Your Course- or Program-based Online Business!

The Incubator Program

If you are a coach, a counsellor or consultant you can take your business online and really soar, reaching 10x more people and offering much more than you ever could face-to-face with courses and/or programs.  If you are tech-savvy and are used to planning, designing and creating content, it is time-consuming but doable.  If these have never been your focus, the biggest problem lies somewhere between "I don't even know what I don't know!" and "How do I do this and where do I start!?"

The Incubator Program was created with you in mind; a 10 week group program of women with a head full of knowledge and a life full of experience but little idea how to take that online and really monetize it to create a new, strong and successful business with the independence to work when you want, where you want and how you want.  Watch the video for more info or book a call to find out if this could be YOUR solution.

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Your Online Course Creation

You’ve Got:

  • Marketable knowledge and skills
  • People who need what you can provide
  • The feeling that your business could be more

You want:

  • To increase revenue for little or no increase in workload
  • To create ongoing passive income
  • To differentiate yourself from your competition

Creating your own online course-based or program-based business may be your answer!

How About You?

If you are thinking of adding online courses to your business model but don't quite know where to start, let us use 15+ years of course design expertise to get your course designed and created for maximum impact on your audience and your bottom line. Here are some of the ways we can help you:       

Other Course-building Packages

Your Course Audit and Report
If you really want to create your own online course but have no clear idea how to go forward, you should get some professional eyeballs on your project, brainstorm your ideas with a course-creation specialist and get a ton of guidance, recommendations and a summary report on how you can best create your course.
Get-It-Done Course Creation
The Get-It-Done Program is for people who want to get their course established with professional guidance and peer interaction but at a pace that works with their schedule. 
Course Creation Accelerator
For people who are READY to devote the next month - this is a very hands-on program pairs you, one-on-one, with a highly experienced instructional designer to effectively bypass the usual speed bumps and get you through the hardest part of successful course creation – the planning and design phase.

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