September Smith

  • Media trainer for podcast guesting
  • Interview video designer/producer for businesses
  • Podcast host and producer
  • Interviewer

I combine years of digital content production strategy and online business experience with the art of podcast-guesting …  

to teach entrepreneurs, executives and business owners how to pitch, land and leverage podcast guest appearances as a powerful part of their brand building and marketing plan.

Solution: position yourself as a thought leader in your field and have your authoritative interview content – both audio and video – across multiple major media platforms.

Media One Sheet

One Sheet September Smith by sseptember2007

Who I Help

The people that work with me are entrepreneurs who:

– Know that now, more than ever, they need to visibly establish and position their brand and expertise

– Know that social media is not giving them credibility or the ad spend value that it may once have

– See the ROI of leveraging other people’s networks and audiences via podcast guest interviews but they:

1) Aren’t a practiced speaker with a polished signature talk for their business,
2) They don’t know how to go about cracking the podcast-world code and
3) Would just rather pay to have a professional fast-track them to know how to easily get booked on the best shows for them, look like a rock star doing it, and how to parlay that into a marketing ROI for their business.

What Does She Bring?

Aside from the ‘LinkedIn’ details of my education, expertise, and long and varied years of experience, what makes me uniquely valuable to my clients is how I dig in to unearth their ‘killer’ brand story – the story that needs to underpin every podcast interview they give.

This brand story is the often-overlooked key to not just podcast guesting but all other messaging: speaking from the stage, presentations, sales calls, marketing, and even your networking.

What makes my process excitingly effective for my clients is that I look at them/their story through the filters of

– Design Thinking,

– Persuasion Psychology, and

Subject Matter Expert interview techniques which give me what has been called a “bloodhound’s ability” to sniff out the key wow factors that your customer needs to know to make you their obvious choice.