September Smith

Hey! I’m September, a business consultant, podcast host and a podcast guesting strategist.  I help clients leverage podcast guest appearances for marketing and promotion of their business.  But it is just part of the story. 

While I am all about the power of podcast guesting, I believe that every change-maker and thought-leader – authors, entrepreneurs, coaches or service providers – should combine earned media and speaking opportunities into their own media campaign that keeps their name coming up in front of the people who need them.

To that end I offer my services for people focused on leveraging podcast guesting…

…and I am producing the Break Through with Media Summit to help people who want to get a broader overview of the media and speaking opportunities available and how to harness them to grow their positioning, business and revenue.

I combine years of digital content production strategy and online business experience with the art of podcast-guesting …  

to teach entrepreneurs, executives and business owners how to pitch, land and leverage podcast guest appearances as a powerful part of their brand building and marketing plan.

Solution: position yourself as a thought leader in your field and have your authoritative interview content – both audio and video – across multiple major media platforms.

Media One Sheet

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Who I Help

The people that work with me are entrepreneurs who:

– Know that now, more than ever, they need to visibly establish and position their brand and expertise

– Know that social media is not giving them credibility or the ad spend value that it may once have

– See the ROI of leveraging other people’s networks and audiences via podcast guest interviews but they:

1) Aren’t a practiced speaker with a polished signature talk for their business,
2) They don’t know how to go about cracking the podcast-world code and
3) Would just rather pay to have a professional fast-track them to know how to easily get booked on the best shows for them, look like a rock star doing it, and how to parlay that into a marketing ROI for their business.

What Does She Bring?