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Targeted content solutions designed to boost conversions and revenue.

Businesses have two paths in the new era of AI-driven content design...

Play it safe and hope traditional methods keep up.

Leverage AI with human creativity

to truly innovate and excel.

The vast majority fall into the first category. They play it safe.

But a select few? They’re not just keeping pace—they’re setting it.

What AI-powered design means for you:

Optimized scope, timelines, and cost—

without compromising quality.

Reduction in project turnaround time by up to 60%,

revolutionizing speed-to-market.

ROI multiplication,

driving gains through precision and efficiency.

But this isn’t just about faster and cheaper.

It’s about smarter and more effective design that converts.

The Process

How it works


Tell Us Your Business Objectives

We’ll start by understanding your brand, target audience, and specific goals.


AI Predictive Analyses Process

We use our proprietary AI processes to analyze the data, market insights, and your objectives to generate refined audience profiles and design strategies.


Custom Dedicated GPT Creation

We build a custom GPT that understands your brand’s DNA, delivering personalized insights to guide content and designs that resonate.

Choose from:

Design Strategy Bot

Design Strategy & Copywriting Bot


Conversion Content and Design

Get conversion content and designs that achieve your objectives and increase ROI.

Compare The Process

Of Course!


Traditional Agencies

OfCourse! Digital & AI Agency

Traditional Design Agencies

Comprehensive debriefing process

AI Predictive Analyses

Generation of highly refined audience profiles & design strategy

Custom Dedicated GPT Creation

An always-available strategist trained on unique client data, goals, and brand voice, providing invaluable insights that drive our work

Custom Brand and Content-Specific AI Imagery


Execution and delivery of final deliverables

Continuous Bot Updates for Rapid and ongoing Conversion Content


Creativity + AI Precision

Defying Traditional Limitations.

At Of Course! Digital & AI, we blend human creativity with AI for unprecedented quality and efficiency, redefining project success at reduced costs.

Rain Shimizu-Smith, BSc

Co-Founder, AI Visual Design, AI Analysis & Content Creation Specialist

👋 Hi, I’m Rain Shimizu-Smith and I’m an AI-Powered Visual Designer who’s leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

My AI-driven design processes shatter the limitations of the “Triple Constraint” principle, where scope, time, and cost were interdependent factors; shift one and the others go out the window.  AI changes all that.

My goal is to help you achieve exceptional outcomes, tailored to your goals and audience, by optimizing every aspect of the design project for maximum impact through data-driven decisions.

Related Services


AI Consultancy

Your AI journey; fully supported, from initial assessment and planning to implementation, optimization, and change management.

Custom AI-Powered

Business Intelligence

X-ray vision into your business landscape like you’ve never experienced, allowing your every business decision to be data-driven.


AI-Assistant Bots

Your business and everyone in it just got many times faster, smarter, and more efficient. Business strategy, go-to-market strategy, sales strategy, and many more.


AI Image Collections

Royalty-free, custom images for campaigns, professional websites, and learning & development projects to powerfully and consistently convey your message. 

You don’t need a giant team or endless resources.

You need a visionary approach that integrates AI with strategic design.

Ready to TurboCharge ROI withAI-driven
Content & Design?

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