Podcast Guesting Portfolio - Content That Makes YOU Stand Out

When people go to your website, what do they see that immediately tells them you are the rock-star that you truly are?

Don’t you wish you had a showcase portfolio to demonstrate your authority, credibility and expertise.

Something that says – “this person is the real deal”.

Then you’re in luck. One of the most popular forms of broadcast media is here to make that dream come true. 

Enter Podcast Guesting Appearances, with which you can generate dynamic, high quality content you can use as marketing content and which opens doors to more media and opportunities for exposure to new audiences.

Excited? Well, here’s everything you need to know about how to build your showcase podcast guesting portfolio with podcast guest appearances, and how guest appearances lend you credibility.

Showcase Portfolio: What is it?

If you’ve been a guest on a podcast, you’ve already begun to build your showcase portfolio. An online curated portfolio of your business content that is leveraging other people’s audiences, other people’s networks, and getting seen. A collection of high quality, dynamic, and highly engaging content to hook your potential clients. 

Even if the podcast you appeared on is not still active, that episode you appeared on is still out there to be found by your audience members. The more podcasts you go on, and the more valuable video content that you can produce from that, simply adds to this powerful showcase portfolio.


Why Guesting, Not Hosting?

The argument is often, what’s best for you; guesting or hosting? Well, probably it doesn’t take up a lot of imagination to figure out that it’s a whole lot less work to do the guesting you just rock upon somebody. Oh my god, yeah, you just do it because it’s about 10 times minimum 10 times more work to have your own podcast. It’s an ongoing effort. So if you want to create that portfolio, that online curated portfolio that we were talking about, why aren’t you out there, leveraging other people’s audiences, other people’s networks, and getting seen instead of starting from scratch and starting to build your own audience?


What Are the Main Advantages of Podcast Guesting Appearances?

If you choose the Guesting rout over hosting, every guest appearance is this lovely curated collection of you these little 30-40 minute cameos of us sitting in your brilliance, talking about what you do best and giving people a taste of who you are and what it is to work with you. 


Incredibly Time Efficient

It’s a matter of swinging by once a month for an hour to drop your interview and then go away. Almost all entrepreneurs and Business people can afford that. The podcast host does all the work to create that episode, they’ll let you know when it’s coming out, and then you put some effort into helping co-create or co-promote the show. That’s all you do and for that, you now have the content and social proof. 



Make sure that you display your guest episodes on your website; highly visible linked images to your podcast episodes and podcast shows you’ve been on, allowing people to go consume that content.


Greatly Increases Your Credibility

You have this lovely portfolio collection of you showcased as the star as the sought after authority in your field talking about x, y, z, you can’t buy that, but you can buy that but the podcasts that you go on, create this curate of material for you. You sit back and let it happen and you get the beautiful end product.


Psychologically Positions You as a Credible Authority

The format of an interview is such that it allows the host, the question asker, who owns the stage and the mic, not only giving permission to the second person to speak, but they are asking their opinion as an esteemed expert. 

Psychologically, that actually triggers in the subconscious minds of the audience, a perception of elevated status. This person is an authority, that should be listened to.

That is why news shows, and late night talk shows usually use the interview format.

The anchor on that news show or that talk show host is the authority who is then sharing their stage, and that gives them more authority. 

So you, as a business, should be leveraging that. You have the opportunity to have somebody place you in that position, and indicate to their audience that you are an expert and the go-to authority that they should listen to.

It can’t even be compared with you doing your own lives. This is unmatched value


Allows You to Reach New Audiences

Facebook Lives are now oversaturated, unlike in their early days. Additionally, when streaming on a Facebook Live, you are only speaking to your previously existing audience, instead of new potential clients. 

Podcast guesting provides you the ability to have new people discover you and become part of your audience.


Increases Your Visibility

Every one of these episodes and every one of these platforms point back at you your website and your links. So even into the future people can still find your website, they can find the links to your offers to anything it is that you’re selling. 


Improves SEO of Your Website

In addition to increased visibility, it’s really a great thing for the SEO of your website. People pay to have links pointing back at their website, especially links that come from platforms or websites with really strong domain authority.

Google podcasts, Spotify and all other podcast channels have some of the highest domain authority on the planet which you are afforded for free simply by making a podcast guest appearance.

It’s an incredible boost to your business, your business and social profiles, your SEO, and more, it’s such a valuable thing to have.


Who Can Utilize Podcast Guesting to Build A Showcase Portfolio?

Podcast Guesting Appearances are also perfect if you:

  • find you don’t have the time of bandwidth to continuously create content for your business
  • feel like social media is not getting you the traction you need 
  • don’t have the necessary budget to create a huge marketing campaign
  • want to optimize your business showcase content 
  • increase your business visibility and easily communicate the core of your business to your potential clients
  • want to create FREE and impactful content for your busines

If you need to rapidly build - or rebuild - your professional identity, display your expertise and put yourself on the map - strategic podcast guesting is powerful weapon in your arsenal

– September Smith


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