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Designing a 3-day virtual summit event for business professionals to achieve their dreams through the power of earned media

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This is the story of a client who hired us to (problem that we were finally able to address).

It covers the problem, solution, and client feedback.


Hold a 3-day virtual LIVESTREAM event featuring 20 industry experts in the realm of media, PR, publicity, paid speaking, and related services for businesses looking to up their authority and marketing game with earned-media and speaking appearances.

The challenge

This is a virtual event, limiting the attendee experience to sight and sound.

The speakers will supply the audio but they require a visual setting and variety must create the atmosphere, perceived value and engagement before, during and after the event.

3 Different Audiences

Attendees, speakers, sponsors, requiring slightly different focus, graphics and messaging for each

Subject matter

Getting TV and media coverage + speaking on stage – required an understated pop in the overall event design that spoke to the desires of all audiences

Length of Event

21 hours – required a frequent change of visuals while maintaining brand consistency

3 different phases


Landing pages, promo content, ads, email marketing & sequences, podcast interviews and promo live streams with each speaker – and promotional graphics for each + social media graphics & copy packages for each speaker to promote their talk.

during event:

All the graphics for streaming backgrounds, interludes videos with speaker and sponsor promotion, cameo graphics for each speaker intro, presentations to be run during event, 65 page instructionally-designed event workbook.


Follow-up email marketing, post-event social media posts, graphics and materials required to augment event content to create online course

Format of Event required a variety of content delivery

Video, audio, animated callouts and lower thirds, transparent overlays, presentations for onscreen embedding, backgrounds, and interlude video with speaker and sponsor promotion – plus an instructionally-designed workbook that attendees could use to build out their own media and promotion plan from the expert information sessions they attended

Phew! Looking back, AI and AI-tools could have made such a difference in the work load!

Meeting the challenge

The first step was to map out all phases of the project, identify every aspect of each phase, and then the corresponding graphical, video and copy requirements for each (simple!)

We had projected a 3.5 month window, pre-event. Using project management principles -a ‘start from the end’ analysis – we drew up the schedule of milestones, dependencies and the actual work required to meet these.

These were then mapped to Asana with integrations to every team member’s calendar.

Once basic branding was designed and refined, different iterations of this design, specific to each aspect of the event (all event-related promotion, speaker spotlighting, podcast episode graphics, educational material, marketing, etc) had to be created.

The graphic design alone required more than 550 separate images and files.

…again РAI tools would have made such a huge difference!

Summit Sponsor Pitch Deck:

Other in-house production and activities

Landing pages

Landing pages for all aspects of the event – registration page, sales page, speaker page.

Video design & production

Video design and production for the website, speaker management, promotion and 21 separate in-event videos throughout the event.

Instructional design

Instructional design of the event structure and progression of themes and speakers, the 65-page event workbook, the ensuing online course produced from event content.

Podcast design & production

Interview episodes with each guest produced and distributed on all podcast channel.

Speaker pitching & management

Ongoing communication before, during and after the event.

Run-of-show design

Precise scheduling of each aspect of entire.

Outsourced activities

Back-end Live-streaming producer

Back-end Live-streaming producer – professional event producer

Community Management

Community engagement and management on social media pre-event, live during event


The results of exemplary graphic and video design for this event were:

The quality look and feel of the pitch emails, landing pages and pitch content ensure speakers this was an event they wanted to have their reputations connected to

Worldwide appeal

Of event workbook

The perceived quality – of the event from speakers and participants

Design and usability of the landing page, the relevance and attractiveness of the event yielded a conversion rate significantly higher than event averages

Online throughout the 21 hour event, more users in different time zones catching replays

For online course created from event recordings


Testimonials from our happy guests and attendees.

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