Course Creation: 5+ Figures or 100 Hrs Wasted - Of Course!

Course Creation: 5+ Figures or 100 Hrs Wasted

By Of Course | Online Course Creation

Make 5 Figures OR Waste 100s of Hours - which would you choose?

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Summary: Download the checklist to save yourself tons of time and build your online course right!

It's a choice that anyone who is looking to create an online course has before them - and most of them don't know it. 

If I asked you: "Want to avoid redoing a ton of work that could have made you a lot of money had you done it slightly differently?" ...I'm sure your answer would be a solid YES!!

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The solution is simple, pretty unsexy but apparently counter-intuitive.  Here's the secret:

Do NOT start with recording your videos.

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Design: like the nerds say...

Anyone who has taken any IT courses is no doubt familiar with the phrase 'garbage in, garbage out'. Actually, it's the same in almost any endeavor from cooking to building a house.  The success of the output is very much dependent on the planning, preparation and quality ingredients that went into the project.  

Recording and editing your course videos takes a disproportionate amount of your course development time but it's only as good as the planning and prep you put into it.  

Inspired by the twitchy, trigger-happy impulse so many new course creators have to immediately jump right into video production, I have created a checklist I like to call the Twitchy Twenty checklist. This can help you slow down, get focused on the things that will build a successful course your clients will love, and save tons of time creating video that is totally wrong for your course. ...such a sick feeling when you realize that after hundreds of hours of work!

Get the Twitchy Twenty Checklist in the form above and build your course right!