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Get-It-Done Course Creation

Get-It-Done Online Course Creation

– when you want the surest way to course creation but at the pace that suits you

The Get-It-Done Program is for people who are READY to get their course established with professional guidance and peer interaction but at a pace that works with their schedule.  This program gives you all the information, tools and direction you need to get you through the hardest part of successful course creation – the planning and design phase.

Book a free, no-obligation discovery call and accelerate your progress  

With the support of a highly experienced instructional designer with over a decade in online course development experience, you'll effectively bypass the usual mistakes and speed bumps that can derail course creation. 

At the end of the program you will know your course scope, have your entire course mapped out, all your scripting created and optimized, know what additional content to provide your clients, and have identified the best tools to create the right content in the right format for you and your clients. You’ll also have indispensable templates and 6 hours of audio specific to your course building needs, all valuable scaffolding for this and your future courses.

So what does it look like?

The form of the Get-It-Done program is a hybrid of guided and self-paced learning along with professional support and guidance.  The course starts with a personalized kick-off call to map the requirements of your course and create a strategic roadmap for you.  As the course progresses, you get personalized feedback on your own course from a course design specialist, access to all the instruction you'll need, resources for designing your own course, and progress check-ins - cuz we all need that from time to time when wading into new territory. 

Here's the outline of the Get-It-Done Program:

1      Course Audience and course          goals, outcomes and scope

  • Identify your audience
  • Analyze the scope of your course. 
  • Define the course goal and outcomes 

2      Tools

  • Essentials and Choices - What, Why and How 
  • BONUS – SaaS-y tools for you

3      Outline

  • How to outline your course 
  • Modules - Deciding the breakdown

4      Content Design

  • Scripts 
  • Slides 
  • Design examples

5      Content Creation

  • Organize your assets  
  • Slide building  
  • BONUS Tip – optimize your visuals
  • Bonus resource:  effective slide layout and design

What's My Investment?

Time: the Get-It-Done Course Creation Plan is designed to be a self-paced approach course creation so while the actual work that you put in can be as low as 20 hours, you can spread that out over the duration you need. To not lose the plot altogether, we will keep you on track with accountability check-ins and live Q&A sessions but we know that your life, and your business in particular, requires
flexibility so the timelines allow for that.

Money: this program is an investment in you and your business, currently selling for $1999

Get-It-Done Course Creation

You've been thinking about creating your own course for a while now;

let's Get It Done!


Secure Purchase

Self: the investment you will make is to trust yourself, your vision and the body of knowledge that your can share with the world, to
show up for yourself and to invest the energy and focus it will take to get you where you want to go.

What's My ROI?

While it is impossible, at the start-line, to predict the exact outcome in dollars, offering quality online courses that are well design and executed is making enormous differences in people's business and lives, and is answering a need that your audience has to get more of what you can give them and allowing you to give that without cloning yourself many times over.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our services. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the Of Course services, we will promptly issue a refund for the service portion of any purchase when proof is provided that the products and services were used and proved unsuccessful.  For the Video-making Launch Package the cost of assets supplied  to the customer will be deducted from the refund.

Simply contact us at [email protected] to speak to a customer care specialist about our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.