Resources to Ensure YOUR Best Interview

The goal of the She’s All That video-podcast is to achieve an intriguing interview that shows you – my podcast guest – off to the world in a way that makes viewers say,

“THIS! This woman is relevant, interesting and I want to know more!”

That doesn’t happen by accident. The resources below will help us craft your effective message, ensure you look and sound your best, make you stick in the minds of viewers, and – most important – ensure your podcast guest appearance works for YOU!

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The Equipment for Podcast Guest Interviews and Streaming

This is an audio and video recording that will be on podcast platforms, YouTube and possibly on your website, as well, if you want to showcase this video example of you, your vibe and your business. For best results, make sure you have a good microphone and webcam. If you don’t have good natural light where you are recording, think about buying lighting as well. The 3 items below have been my faves for years and are industry standards.

Most people who appear on video, video-podcast or Zoom these days have invested in some kind of equipment – particularly a good microphone and webcam – to get results that make them look like a professional. These 3 are my recommendations for the best ‘bang for your ‘buck’ equipment.

1 - Guest Intake Form

The intake form gives me the background info I need, let's you decide what focus best supports your aims right now, and let's you upload the headshot images you would like to represent you on podcast and video thumbnails, as well as your links and keywords

2 - Interview Prep Checklist

We both want you to look and sound great; the checklist gives you the considerations that you'll want to think about prior to your interview recording, along with some tips on optimizing your set up and prep. We want you to feel great about the finished product!

3 - Your Steps for Your Success

The failure of podcast guests to properly promote, co-promote and leverage their guest episodes negates their efforts. Your podcast guest episodes are an amazingly rich source of promotional content; not leveraging them is the biggest mistake guests make - here's how.

4 - Book Your Recording Session

When you have submitted your intake form and are ready, you can book your recording session for an available time that suits you. The times shown in the scheduling app will appear in your time zone so don't worry about having to figure out time differences!