I recently co-hosted a Clubhouse discussion with a colleague, debating the questions of “Podcast Hosting or Guesting: Where’s Your ROI?”.  I took the #TeamGuesting side of the argument.

While I am a podcaster, myself, hosting and producing the She’s All That video podcast weekly, I also know that there is a ton of value in leveraging other people’s podcasts to help market your business.











Benefits to the business person

The efforts you put into podcasting, either as the host or the guest, benefit your business in terms of:


  • Exposure: your name, business and offering are now out across various platforms
  • Brand awareness: you have been given the spotlight to broadcast your business and what you offer the world
  • Expanded audience: each podcast show has their own audience of loyal listeners and you have been kindly introduced as a trusted friend and will gain some as new followers for you and your business
  • Expanded network: every host loves a collaborative guest – one generously offers value in the interview and pitches in with promoting their episode – in many cases you have now directly or indirectly joined that host’s network
  • Solidifying your brand voice and personality: podcast listeners engage with content significantly longer than with other media; you have just had a solid 30+ minutes to charm your way into their hearts and minds. They’ve heard your voice and know what you stand for
  • Lead generation: your podcast guest spot is like a 30+ minute advertisement for your offering. Almost no other content you can produce can touch that for lead generation.
  • Referrals: assuming you were the dream guest for that host and cooperated in making your episode a success, your appreciative host will very likely recommend you to other shows or speaking organizers


What the guest appearances yield for you in terms of website and social media content:

  • valuable, authoritative content showcasing you speaking from your zone of genius – would-be customers want to see have that insight into you
  • third party validation – all these shows no doubt chose you for a reason
  • proof of concept for other hosts or event producers – adding these appearances to your speaker media kit strengthen your pitch as a capable addition to a podcast or virtual event

Measuring the ROI of podcast guesting

Given that your initial investment is much lower for podcast guesting than for producing a podcast, you are already starting out ahead.  All the hard production work is borne by the podcast while you show up for an hour and shine.


The metric for measuring guesting ROI is a more indirect set of indicators to arrive at revenue per appearance.  Depending on your particular type of business model, the numbers to look at can include:

  • improved traffic and conversion rates for your website
  • increased followers
  • increased members on your membership site
  • new affiliate opportunities and sales

In my Get Seen and Heard to Grow community, I help entrepreneurs get their strategy in place and start growing their business with podcast guesting.

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