Covid Kills – with Linda Murray Bullard

The Linda Murray Bullard Story -

Linda Murray Bullard is on a life or death mission.

As a business woman & miracle COVID survivor she wants us to know: COVID and vaccine hesitancy can destroy everything you’ve worked for in your business – as well as your life and that of your family. 

Linda is an unlikely survivor of COVID – she is the 1st person the hospital had treated in her demographic to have not died. She is a miracle outlier in a tragic story unfolding among the +black communities of Tennessee.  Linda wants that tragedy to stop.

Her message: 80% of the white community is vaccinated/14% of the black community has had the shot. 

In the month she was fighting for her life, Sept-Oct 2021, 

   87% of COVID cases were unvaccinated people and 

   85% of COVID deaths in Tennessee were those unvaccinated patients.  

Of the 3400 people hospitalized, 1790 – more than half – died. 

Tennessee stopped publishing the race breakdown of COVID numbers many months ago but from these numbers, statistically speaking, we know the vast majority were people of color

Linda survived but lost so much.  

  • She has a year of recovery ahead of her
  • She is reliant on an oxygen feed 
  • She is facing a bill of over $250,000 for the cost of her treatment 
  • Her business only survived because of the extensive automation she had in place

Linda is continuing her work with small businesses to find funding and be more profitable thru automation but…

Her heart-felt mission is to break through the hesitancy, teach people how to feel assured in the safety of the vaccine they receive and to get people vaccinated.


September Smith
Linda Murray Bullard is the CEO of LSMB Business Solutions. I met Linda via LinkedIn. Back in August of this year, we have common connections and there was a thread, a very impactful thread about business women 45+ starting their business. I noticed Linda’s comments and thought, “Who is this woman?” 

Linda Murray Bullard

So I checked her out, checked out her profile, and I saw that she works with women over 45 starting and building their businesses, but also that she is a specialist in working with economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses. I actually had to go look up that acronym. And I thought, Okay, I want to talk to this woman. So we connected and I booked an appointment for September 27 weeks out September 27. Game The time came and I jumped on the Zoom call. Minutes ticked by the window didn’t show up, which Oh no, something felt funny about that. Because I knew she was a woman of integrity, a word of a woman of her word, just from the little bit I’d injure acted with her.

So after about 10 minutes, I jumped off, got back to my business and I dropped her note saying hey, Linda, obviously something came up. hope everything’s well with you.

Well, on September 27, things weren’t going so well for Linda, things weren’t well at all into what was happening in your world on September 27.

Linda Murray Bullard
So actually backing up to September 23. I was admitted in the hospital.

I died due to COVID. I crashed, and they had to revive me.

– Linda Murray Bullard

So when we were scheduled to meet, I was actually in a coma.

SS: You were in an induced coma?

LMB: Yes. For 17 days.

SS: No. Yeah, I had a feeling things weren’t as they should be. But I had zero idea. It wasn’t until almost four weeks later, I got a message from you saying I’m so sorry. I missed our call. Tell me a little bit about I had no idea that they induced comas in people what what was your experience? What was?

LMB: Yeah, yeah, so at the time, I was totally out of it. I was on a ventilator and had a feeding tube. 

For 17 days, the ventilator was breathing for me because I was unable to breathe for myself. COVID had pretty much suffocated me.

– Linda Murray Bullard

And so I was not I was stroking my body was reacting to not being able to function normally. And so they put me in a coma, I started to have stroke symptoms, and it was just giving my body time to rest. So we could get through the worst part of the attack and start going towards healing.

SS: Wow. So I have no personal experience with this. I had no idea that they would put you into a coma, I’m assuming that this is to kind of counteract the effects of the coma, you had Delta variant. I did have the desk there, you actually had in hindsight, it thought that both you and your son had the original variant of COVID. much earlier than any of us knew COVID was in North America.

LMB: Right? We had the symptoms of the first variant of COVID Oh, call it and November of 19 My son is a first responder. And so at the time, we were living together, and he got sick. And then once he got well I got sick. And it was very much the symptoms of COVID the fatigue, the aches, the fever like we had all the things of COVID but we both thought it was like a sinus infection. It was a changing season or, or something like that, that he had picked up in his job. And we got through that fine. I had the brain fog and all the other things that go with COVID and we got through it Yeah, right.

SS: Like those symptoms would have meant nothing to you because it wasn’t until March and April that we really as a continent. Start Yes, just as the world started understanding what this was and what symptom Were

LMB: Exactly, exactly. And so we, we pretty much got through that part. And then I went a year and a half, kind of semi-quarantining myself, like only seeing customers online, for the most part, but my boyfriend and I decided to open a co-workspace. Okay. And so at the time that I got stricken, I was trying to bring up two businesses. We have an Airbnb, which we’re trying to bring up and then we had the CO workspace. And so we were just busy doing what we do. And thinking hours, social distancing, you know, wearing the mask or whatever, wasn’t vaccinated.

It wasn't that I wasn't going to get vaccinated...I was waiting for them to work any quirks that they saw out before I got it.

– Linda Murray Bullard

I was doing that. Yeah, so I was kind of prolonging it. Never, never did occur. To me, that wouldn’t get it. It was just a point of when, and I thought I had time. And then I got sick. I on the 21st of September, I wouldn’t get the test that we both were ill. But I started to get progressively worse. And so I went and get tested. And then on the 23rd, I got the results that it was COVID Positive. And I call my doctor and she said to get to the emergency room now. And so I did exactly what she said. And within minutes of getting to the emergency room, I crashed.

SS: What, what does that mean?

LMB: I died. They had to resuscitate me and keep me alive. Everything was going into failure. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t feel but I didn’t. I felt tired. And I had a fever. But I didn’t feel like it’s time for me to die. I mean, I didn’t feel like that was the end. I just felt like I was having difficulty breathing. And I was tired. And because my auto steps were probably very low. But I didn’t know that. And so I remember going checking in and giving him my ID. And following the young man. He said follow me to a room. That’s the last I remember, for 17 days.

SS: Yeah. When we first talked, you said that after those 17 days when you merge from that coma, you had people, nurses, technicians coming to you and expressing to you how happy they were that you survived because in that month in Tennessee 1527 People didn’t survive. Yeah. And of those 85% were unvaccinated? Yeah, sorry, it was 17 1790 did not survive. 1527 were unvaccinated. And they really thought that you were going to be one of those numbers.

LMB: They did. People who were on the crash team who saved my life, one’s name was Kathy, and she said “I was the one that had all the white on like the Puft. Man, that was me in the crash room with you.” I don’t remember her. I vaguely remember the doctor, looking up and seeing the doctor over my head. But I don’t remember anything else about that time. And so various people like that were coming in and saying, “Hey, I was there.” “We were worried about you.” “We thought we lost you.” “We’re so glad you’re still here.” Like the respiratory therapist who sat with me for two days while I was on the ventilator. He said, “You know, I was here checking to make sure the ventilator was doing what it was supposed to do.” He said it was working fine but 

Miss Linda, you did not look well at all, and I really thought we were gonna lose you.

– Linda’s Respirator Technician 

SS: And you also told me that most people in your age group, yeah, you were one of the only ones

LMB: that I was the first one.

I was the first survivor of the 60's age group...The first person to survive COVID after coming off a ventilator for my age group.

– Linda Murray Bullard

I was the first survivor. They say Well, now you have a title. Because you know, they call me the business blog. That’s my title and the business world. But then they gave me a new title. The first person to survive COVID After coming off a ventilator for my age group.

SS: Oh my god. So there are a couple of things I want to ask you about that. Um, so you like so many people like myself, I’m vaccinated, but I do I have my thoughts as well as like, Oh, what do we know about this? But I did it so so you were as they call it? Would you say that you were vaccine-hesitant?

LMB: I was yeah, definitely hesitant but not, not against it. Not totally against But that was Yeah, I was trying to figure out what I was trying to get the time to figure out. What were the pros and cons? Yeah. You know, so I could see where I fit in all of that. Yeah, at the same time, I have comorbidities. So I have asthma, I have high blood pressure, and I have diabetes type two. So I have those illnesses and the other four illnesses. They say that the vet, the Delta variant was attacking. I had three of the four. Like I didn’t have COPD, that’s the only one I didn’t have. Wow. And so I knew that I would be getting it. It was just a matter of point you’d

SS: be getting the vaccine. Yeah, yes. Now, when we first talked, you would say that there is a vast difference window like can we all have a little bit of hesitancy, nobody wakes up in the morning going, I want a new medicine in my body. But whatever. We all have our time it takes to wrap our heads around it or not. There is a huge gap in your state, when we first talked to you said between the affluent community, the numbers of vaccinations there versus the you compare that to communities of color.

LMB: Right, the news report that I saw said in one of

the affluent areas of the city, 85% were vaccinated, versus a community mostly of people of color, of which 14% one vaccination rate

– Linda Murray Bullard

at that point.

SS: Yes. 14%. Yeah, so a huge 70% difference.

LMB: Absolutely, absolutely. What’s happening there. And so well, I wanted to be a part of this solution. And I held a show on Sunday, just this past, yeah, this past Sunday, to help people understand the impact of the disease. Because a lot of times, as they may be like me, you know, thinking they may be like me, and thinking that is my freedom? Are my liberties are being exhausted, or are, something’s in there that is going to help them track me or whatever, whatever the thought pattern is, for people being hesitant. I wanted to show them the impact of what the disease can do because I didn’t consider my children. When I was making my decision. Like, what is the impact of those? 

Have we taught the people who love us how to live without us? Because COVID is deadly. I'm a witness that it is deadly because it killed me.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS: Yeah, they were just able to bring you back on. Have we taught those that love us how to live without us? So we’re all kind of just hearing the sound bites of my rights, my freedoms, but we’re not thinking of these wider ramifications. Like, and it goes way beyond like you said, and you personally know what it is to lose a mother figure.

LMB: Absolutely. I lost my mother and so now having had COVID, you had that you’re thinking of that in terms of I don’t want my children, my family, to, I wouldn’t want that on anybody I losing her so early in life. Is this no way to put all the words together to describe what that’s really like? And when I thought about it, you know, and it wasn’t until I had been through the coma, woke up. And my son, my oldest son, my children are 47, 37, and 32. So they’re grown. But when I heard my oldest son say, “Mama, are you going to be all right?” It wrung my heart, because I at that point, realized,

I almost killed his mother. I almost left my child motherless.

– Linda Murray Bullard

which I again, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And I think when we have grown children, we tend to think that they’re self-sufficient and that they are on an island and they can cope it we hope and pray. We’ve, you know, given them equip them with enough tools that they can do the rest of their lives by themselves. But in all actuality, how children will never be the age we are. And so they still need our wisdom. They still need our guidance, even when they’re 47. You know, they still need us. Yeah. And so my negligence can or my hesitance, not negligence, my hesitance almost cost him his mother.

SS: Yeah, so there’s a whole widening the thought of like, yeah, it’s it’s your rights and your freedoms, but it’s like it’s the ramifications of what you’re taking away from your family and the impacts that you’re having both personally, and you know that as an independent businesswoman yourself. What did this cost you?

LMB: So it So what’d you think about finances? Right? This happened in September, and I was working on a bunch of projects and things, but I hadn’t been paid since August. So financially that that was that, then the cost of the bill itself, and then my body

SS: and net for people, listeners who aren’t American, and because most OECD, all D countries other than America have universal health care. Okay, we don’t know what this is. What was the cost, what was the bill for..

LMB: so the numbers are still being added. The numbers are still being added. But

the initial hospital bill itself was over $211,000. That was just for the room, board, and the hospital care...not labs and X-rays...not doctor visits, those things will be added to that charge...I'm in physical therapy, and speech pathology, I had a bunch of other ancillaries that went along with that. That's not included

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS: not the doctors, not the nurses, not the technicians, not the test, just the hospital.

LMB: Right. That’s not labs and X-rays. That’s not doctor visits like those things will be added to that charge. And then I’m in physical therapy, you know, then I speech pathology, I had a bunch of other ancillaries that went along with that. So then that’s not included in that deal.

SS: So we’re probably north of a quarter-million dollars. Absolutely financial hit to you.

LMB:  Absolutely. Because meds and all the things that I have to have to take because of COVID send your body into shock and everything like my numbers off the chart for my blood pressure. My numbers off the chart for my diabetes, the test, are astounding.

all the things that I have to have to take because of COVID send your body into blood pressure numbers off the charts. My numbers diabetes numbers are astounding.

– Linda Murray Bullard

I am having to monitor myself day and night to make sure that my blood pressure doesn’t get too high, that my heart rate stays at an even keel, that my blood sugars are under check. Like the impact of cold like you can hear a rumble in my voice because I still have that lining of Slim attached to my lungs. Every now and then I have to work that out. You know being upright your lungs,

SS:  it’s affected your brain. It’s affected your heart. Yes inflamed your entire body diabetes, you were telling me that you tried to walk up 15 stairs and

LMB:  Oh, and I couldn’t get my heart rate back down. I couldn’t get my blood pressure down.

SS: You were an active busy woman doing all kinds of things. But

LMB:  absolutely riding bikes. Like my favorite. My favorite thing to do is to go bike ride, I live downtown, and to go bike riding on Sundays when the ones downtown. Like that’s one of my favorite things to do. I can’t do that right now. Like I sing in the choir in my church. I can’t do that right now. Because I can’t hold a note.

SS:  But almost two full months since this like almost to the day almost two full months. Yeah, you got sick.

LMB:  It’s gonna be a year. Like the outlook

SS:  is is that what they’ve told you? 

LMB:  It’s gonna be that’s what the people who have been through it, have told me that 

I'll be regaining parts of my body back as late as a year from now.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS:  And meanwhile, like there’s that there’s the impact of your physical and how that affects your life. But as you said you hadn’t been paid since August. Yeah. What’s this doing to your business and your ability to be supporting yourself

LMB:  as blessings come, right. So the day that I was admitted, the day before I was admitted in the hospital, I got my EDIL from the Small Business Administration which is a loan to help you sustain your business through COVID. And it came ideally right on time. There are blessings that come. But because of that my business was able to continue on like, 

I have set my business up to be automated. Automation is very important when you're a business owner. And so my business pretty much operated by itself.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS:  And that’s what you do for other people. So that’s exactly background, and this is

LMB:  why you need to do it. Yes. Because if something should happen to you, God forbid, your business can continue on without stopping everything. I had an automation was running, all the ads, were running, all the bills were being paid, like things was still happening for the business. So it didn’t feel the hit that I was feeling.

SS:  Mm. Yeah. You would say to me, you want to make sure people like yourself like indie women, independent business owners. This is not something to play around with.

LMB:  It’s not it’s really not because what happens is, especially if you’re self-employed, right? Like even if you have contracts or whatever when you can’t fulfill the contract.

When you're not working, you're not making money. When you can't do what is your genius, then your business takes a hit, and you take a hit.

– Linda Murray Bullard

And then your income, like, I live off my business is how I get paid. And so being able to manage all of that, and being able to my clients who I was working with, you know, I was working on business plans with people and doing different things with them. And they thought I just wouldn’t go so like, you know, Miss Linda gowns. We’ve been here for weeks, you know, cuz I follow up with my clients, how are you doing? How are things going, you know, what can I do to help you? And none of that was happening, the people who missed me most, were the Facebook people and I have like, 25,000 people around the world that follow me on various social media platforms. But the Facebook people were like in my inbox saying, Hey, Miss Linda, I’m praying for you, Hey, Miss Linda, what’s going on? Because we’re every day, since March 4 of 2013. I have posted something to encourage somebody every day and make it my point. And then when this time when I was not there, people were in my inbox saying, Hey, what’s going on with you hadn’t heard from you in a few days, because it was unusual. I woke up to 275 voice messages, and countless inbox messages. And 7400 emails, from various places of people checking in on me trying to see you know, what’s going on with you. You haven’t been on miss you. And so you really understand your impact.

SS:  Yeah, yeah. And the impact that this is going to have on you. And if you’re out of the game, and this is, this is ahead, you now are at my sideline for two full months, as you say it’s going to be over the next year. Yeah, you’re going to be coming back to normal. Yeah, when it would, when I hear people say like, oh, it’s only 1%. There’s only 1% who died. First of all, that’s an enormous number. I don’t think we should be just like Pooh-poohing that. But it’s more that it’s not just that, you know, living or dying. It’s what it robs you of, and for the months and

LMB:  absolutely, and then that’s the thing, they don’t tell you about London, nobody’s publicizing that, if you get COVID, you may need a lung replacement, or a heart replacement, or kidney transplant, or psychotic, you know, psychological evaluations. And

SS:  we’re getting a brain fog for months and months and months to come absolutely work or live in the world where you’re used to doing it. 

LMB:  When I woke up, I was vegetated, like, I couldn’t move anything. So I couldn’t speak. They were getting ready to put another feed into me. And I didn’t want that. And so I was, you know, shaking my head. No, because I couldn’t say no. And so I would shake my head. No. And she was like, What are you saying? No, you hear what I’m saying? What are you saying? No, you don’t want it? You know, because they were getting ready to put them up to me. And I was like, No, I don’t want it. I couldn’t tell her I didn’t want it. And so when you are under the influence of COVID people are making decisions for you that you can’t make for yourself. And if you are talking about your freedom and your liberties, you want to be able to make the decisions that you feel are best for you. Yeah, you can’t do that if you’re in a coma.

When I came out of my coma I was vegetated...when you are under the influence of COVID people are making decisions for you that you can't make for yourself...if you want your freedom and your liberties, you want to be able to make the decisions that you feel are best for can't do that if you're in a coma.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS:  Now, you would say something around, you know, the hesitancy is from fear and doubt and okay, I want to wait. But what is your opinion now on something to the effect of, you just have to do it.

LMB:  Sometimes you just have to do it right. And so what was brought back to my remembrance was, when I was about four, they made a mandate for MMR, the muscles, the measles, mumps, and rubella. And you had to the sugar cube had to get a shot. On my left shoulder, I still have the scar from that shot because my mother had an eighth-grade education. But she understood that if she took her children to get the vaccinations, that God would do the rest and take care of them. And so sometimes I think we know too much my husband’s come because I knew the manager of a research department, and I would learn different things from her. Sometimes, not knowing is better than knowing if it’s gonna prevent us from doing what we need to do in order to stay healthy. We don’t know what’s in the food when we buy food at restaurants. We don’t know what’s in the food when we buy food at the store.

There are so many things we ingest that we don't really know what's in it. And for us to do that about the vaccination...just shows how powerful we think we are but we really aren't.

– Linda Murray Bullard

Like if you ever ate out if you ever open up a bottle of soda, like if you ever opened anything that you didn’t plant, you know, harvest yourself. You don’t know what’s in it. You don’t know what went on it. And so, wow, it sounds good. Like we don’t know what’s in the vaccination. But we don’t know what none of it. I mean, the reality of it is

SS:  it’s been politicized. And that’s it. That’s a soundbite that’s out there and we don’t know what’s in it. So we’re gonna You’re not that careful about most other things in your life. So why but you

LMB:  don’t really you don’t realize because you’re doing autopilot, right? Okay, you go to the store, you buy products.

SS:  So why is is this you know, oh, we don’t know what’s in it. Yet. There’s 80% 85 86% of the affluent population of Tennessee is vaccinated. Right. So why are they so unworried about what’s in it? And they’re also the ones that only 15% of the vaccinated? are the ones that are dying, the 85 of the ones that aren’t, right. So why, why is it so easy for them to know that it’s like this is just something we’re gonna have to take a risk on and just do it.

LMB:  Because in research and clinical research, most times, they’re used as guinea pigs. And so you know, the people of lower income, of color, and the research is there. So I get that, but here’s the deal. You can go anywhere in your city and get a vaccination like you don’t have to go to your neighborhood pharmacy, you can go to a pharmacy and on the floor neighborhood. So you can go into

SS:  what you’re referring to is, infamous research and experiments that have been done in the past that have victimized the Tuskegee experiments. Well, that’s

LMB:  one and then they talk about the mercury in the shots and MMR shots that were given to community health centers.

S:  Yeah. So you know, so there is a history. Yeah, there’s a history views. Yeah. Right. But you can

LMB:  go and get the COVID vaccination anywhere. Like you’re not limited to just your neighborhood. Yeah. Yeah. So go get it in an affluent area if that’s your concern, it’s just that just trying to demystify why people aren’t getting what’s gonna protect them, and not just protect them. As I told you before, you know, these are people dying. This is our knowledge base dying our elders, and, you know, people that your dreams, people who have dreams and ambitions, they’ve yet to fulfill, like their ideas are dying, like we’re losing out as a community, not just as the family is missing this person, but the community is missing the wealth of that person in knowledge.

as people are dying, our knowledge base is dying, our elders, people who have dreams and ambitions they've yet to fulfill, their wealth of knowledge is dying. We're not only losing out as families, but as a community.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS:  And this has been borne out historically, as we were talking earlier, like when you look at the decimation of indigenous populations in like, I think, my home province of British Columbia, the epidemics, that they were unable to protect themselves, or they’re vulnerable to decimated, their populations that killed their elders that killed mothers that kill fathers killed, the community was in tatters? Yeah, three, four, or five generations later, 100 years later, they have not regained what they’ve lost. And it is the disadvantage to a community of being vulnerable to an epidemic like this. There are going to be generations out on this if people aren’t protecting themselves. So you are trying to make a change?

LMB:  I am trying Absolutely. 

I am trying to use my experience with COVID to educate people on what the impact of COVID is.

– Linda Murray Bullard

Because another thing I did in my program I hit Sunday, is I had an attorney to come on and talk about the directives because 


most of us don't have conversations with our kids about if I'm incapacitated....what does that mean to them? What do they need to know in order to handle my assets as I want them to be handled?

– Linda Murray Bullard

And so she talked about how we assume that if we die, things are just going to go people are going to handle things that happen as they should. But there are actually laws in different states that govern what’s happening next. And she was talking about probate, it could last up a year. Like your assets could be out there for a year with you know, nobody taking care of them. It’s just so much she was saying that everyone over 18 needs to have a directive of what happens to them next. If they’re incapacitated. Now that’s like a will. That’s like a directive more or less. So not necessarily a wheel, but just telling people, this is what I have. And this is what I want to happen to it. So we all that much, but basically like your power of attorney, so if I get sick, who’s going to handle it for me, your financial agreement, which is this person can make financial decisions for me in the event that I’m not able to do it for myself.

SS:  So you’re educating your community you’re also encouraging people to bite the bullet. You actually got vaccinated?

LMB:  Yes, on that live stream on the 15th day. Yeah, so I got vaccinated, the 15th, that’s what happens is, when they put steroids and antibiotics to treat, I hit bacterial pneumonia, which is a side effect of COVID. And because they had to put me on high doses of antibiotics and steroids, I wasn’t able to get vaccinated until 30 days after I stopped the last treatment. And so my last treatment of antibiotics and steroids was October 14.

SS:  So right over the threshold of that one month, November 15,

LMB:  I got vaccinated

SS:  Oh, congratulations.

LMB:  Well, thank you. Thank you, because I, you know, want to be the example. And because I did that a couple of people went and got their booster and one young lady went and got her vaccination her first one. And then I have a friend who went through COVID. And it didn’t really mess with her physical body, but it messed with her mind. And so you don’t know, like, I’ve heard people talk about the joint pain like if they’ve had breaks and whatever, that is making those things worse.

you don't really know what its going to attack, but 97, 98, 99% that survive have comorbidities, the impact of COVID

– Linda Murray Bullard

After they have had the disease because COVID hangs around,

SS:  you didn’t die. But you will be living with this for potentially years to come. We don’t even know how long these. Exactly.

LMB:  Exactly, exactly. And so for that reason, that reason you need to think about you don’t even know, like a lot of people don’t know what illnesses they have under underlying illnesses. Yeah, because they haven’t manifested themselves. Right. But with COVID, you are gonna find out let me just say this. It will it will magnify,

SS:  I have had that conversation with people who are vaccine-hesitant or, you know, they say, Yeah, but all the people who died had comorbidities and or underlying health issues. You don’t know what you’ve got we none of us, particularly, you know, the further through your life you go, it hasn’t manifested itself, as you say, but we don’t know. So you can’t be smugly to saying, well, I’ll be fine.

LMB:  I’m healthy. I’m healthy. I eat right. I exercise. I’m not obese. I just have no idea. But the thing about it is the reality of it is delta variant, 

the Delta variant is taking out the healthy and the unhealthy. Not just obese people, or people with comorbidities. There are people who had no record of any medical illnesses that have died. It's Russian roulette.

– Linda Murray Bullard

SS:  Yeah, we would never do this with any other situation prior to COVID. I don’t know that anybody would be fine. It’s like, yeah, one out of 100 people are gonna die. Oh, okay. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

LMB:  So you can be the 100. You so you’re, you’re the one, you know, you don’t know if you’re the one of your mom’s the one or your kids? Or the one? Like you don’t know. And so

SS:  yeah, the whole kid thing, I worry about that as well, because we don’t really have the longitudinal research and study to know like, how is this gonna affect their development? If they get this? And now, they get a milder version, but is it gonna be mental, cognitive, physical?

LMB:  You know, I have a whole nother source of, of moles, like skin tags that grew under my arms during that period of time. Yeah, I didn’t have it before. COVID. Oh, no, right. And so, so not being able to lift my arms for weeks and weeks and weeks. I knew there was something happening under there. But I didn’t know what it was. And then when I was I’ve been the physical therapy to help unfreeze my shoulders, my shoulders froze while I was laying there. But it lifted my arm up, I could see that their skin tags that I didn’t have before.

SS:  So do you know what it occurs to me people are afraid of like, what are the effects of the vaccine? I’d be afraid of what are the effects of you know, like, if you do all this other weird stuff is manifesting itself and you and who knows what’s going to come up next year or the year after?

LMB:  Exactly that. Exactly.

SS:  So what are you going to do you’ve your business until this event hit your life was working with small businesses, economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses, women over 45 and as you say, it was all automated. Thank God for that because yours kept going and you help people do that. But you’re pivoting a bit. Now, with this new mission. You’ve got what? After the LIVE on Sunday, what do you plan going forward that’s going to help try to get more than 15%?

LMB:  So, for the most part for me, my whole thing is I’m spiritually led, like I help people do business plans and, and plan out their grant proposal and all this planning. But for myself, I actually get downloads. And so it says, go do this, and I go do that, like the whole program on Sunday, I was instructed while I was laying there unable to move, that you need to tell other people what you’re going through. And so that’s where that whole program came up. I do know that a book is coming out of this is one of the things that I’m doing. I haven’t started on it but I know it’s in my future.

I am educating people by telling my story so that they understand what the impact is of their vaccine-hesitance.

– Linda Murray Bullard

Like just educating as many people as I can on and then from a business perspective, educating this many self-employed business owners who may not have already thought about if I’m incapacitated, what does that look like? And what conversations do I need to start having now? And just really sharing the experience that I’ve gleaned from this whole experience?

SS:  Yeah, wow. Yeah, you’re, I, I’m so inspired with what you are looking to do. And that the whole theme of season three is the women who have had some huge event impact their life and the new direction that it takes them. And I’m so excited and inspired with where you’re going with your experience, Linda, but

LMB:  Thank you so much. And thank you for giving me this access to your audience.

SS:  And I would like to mention when you said that there’s a book coming out of this. Linda does not speak lightly about this. Linda is an author of a book that has been accepted into the Congress, the Library of Congress back in 2013. Yeah, what was the name of that book?

LMB:  The Well Ran Dry: Memoirs of a Motherless Child. And it talks about me losing my mother to the Hong Kong flu on Christmas Day. 1968.

SS:  It’s there’s definitely an ironic, full-circle moment

LMB:  It absolutely is. I did a documentary last year in 2020 about the similarities between COVID and Hong Kong flu

SS:  I’m so glad your children did not lose their mother.

LMB:  Absolutely.

SS:  And I’m so so honored and grateful that you were here to talk with me today about your experience and what you’re doing with it.

LMB:  Thank you.

SS:  Thanks so much.

LMB:  God bless



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