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OCC Accelerator Program

30-day Success Accelerator Program

– getting you RAPIDLY through the quicksand where most course creation projects disappear

The Success Accelerator Program is for people who are READY to devote the next month - about 30-40 hours of work - to rapidly getting their course established.  This is a very hands-on program and pairs you, one-on-one, with a highly experienced instructional designer with over 15 years in online course development experience to effectively bypass the usual speed bumps and get you through the hardest part of successful course creation – the planning and design phase.

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At the end of the program you will know your course scope, have your entire course mapped out, all your scripting created and optimized, know what additional content to provide your clients, and have identified the best tools to create the right content in the right format for you and your clients. You’ll also have indispensable templates and 6 hours of audio specific to your course building needs, all valuable scaffolding for this and your future courses.

So what does the Accelerator Programs look like?

Week 1 – Road Map sessions – chart your course to get where you NEED to go

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    Mapping the Journey - 60 min Kick-off and Planning call resulting in 1st audio recording of call, report on findings and steps for going forward plus custom visual mindmap of what you are looking at in this process
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    30 minute follow-up Q&A call for any clarifications or queries –   2nd audio recording
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    + downloadable template for next week – Course Outline (the detailed framework for your course, it’s modules and what they will entail and contain, tools you’ll need, etc.)

Week 2 – Develop Actionable Course Outline – the house is only as good as the framework it’s built on

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    Course Outline Review – 60 minute call to review and tweak the course outline you’ve created from the template  -  3rd audio recording
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    30 minute review call for final version of your course outline  -   4th audio recording
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    + template and guidelines for next week’s mission: scripting

Week 3 – Create First Script – start as you mean to go on

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    The plan for this week is to script your first module and get design and content feedback and advice.  Why just one module? If you optimize that first one, you have the perfect template for the following modules and face fewer revisions and overhauls.
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    45-60 minute call to review and optimize the first module script and any additional content for that module  -  5th audio recording
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    + custom framework for your ensuing modules based on your optimized initial module

Week 4 – Finalized Scripts for Entire Course –the hurdle that many would-be course creators never get past

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    60 minute call - Review of all your scripts, additional course content and the approach you’ll take in the next phase of your course creation journey -  6th audio recording

What's My Investment?

Time: the 30-Day Success Accelerator Plan will take you 30-40 hours of effort to achieve the goals of this program and have your course ready for whatever final production process you know is best for you and your audience.

Money: this intensive program is an investment in you and your business, currently selling for $2499

Self: the investment you will make is to trust yourself, your vision and the body of knowledge that your can share with the world, to show up for yourself and to invest the energy and focus it will take to get you where you want to go.

30-Day Success Accelerator Program


Start your engines and let's get your online course out of the starting blocks NOW!


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What's My ROI?

While it is impossible, at the start-line, to predict the exact outcome in dollars, offering quality online courses that are well design and executed is making enormous differences in people's business and lives, and is answering a need that your audience has to get more of what you can give them and allowing you to give that without cloning yourself many times over.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our services. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the Of Course services, we will promptly issue a refund for the service portion of any purchase when proof is provided that the products and services were used and proved unsuccessful.  For the Video-making Launch Package the cost of assets supplied  to the customer will be deducted from the refund.

Simply contact us at [email protected] to speak to a customer care specialist about our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.