Online Course Creation - Of Course!

Online Course Creation

Create Your Own Online Course!

Creating your own quality course – while a hugely valuable addition to your business – can be a LOT of work, even if y­­­­­ou KNOW what you’re doing. When you’re not even sure where to get started, you could probably use some insider-help. 

Whether it’s guidance in creating the blueprint for your course, building the content, knowing how and where to host your course, or launching your course – or ALL of the above, we can help.  With over a decade of experience creating online courses and content, we can steer you through the weeds and build a course your clients will love.

Online Course Creation Packages

We know that depending on the demands that life (and your business) throws at you, your approach to a project can vary from 'get it done now!' to 'I really want to do this but full-time focus is not realistic right now'.  There really is no one size fits all solution.  However, we want to give you the flexibility to either hit the gas with an experienced course developer as your co-pilot and accelerate your course creation to top speed OR to have the material and support you need to get your course created but in the time frame that works for you.

For that reason, we have a few different approaches to helping you make you dream of creating an online course a reality.  See if one of them isn't just what you need!

Audit and Report

The Audit and Report service is for people who know they want to create their own online course and are standing at the start-line with no clear idea how to go forward, Or maybe you are part way through and needing some guidance on the rest of the path.  You need a blueprint to give you that birds-eye view of the terrain you're looking at in your course creation.

...not even sure of your course goals right now? No sweat. We'll get you there!

30-day Success Accelerator Program

...getting you RAPIDLY through the quicksand where most course creation projects disappear 

The Success Accelerator Program is for people who are READY to devote the next month - about 30 hours of work - to rapidly getting their course planned and ready for development.  This is a very hands-on program and pairs you, one-on-one, with a highly experienced instructional designer with over a decade in online course development experience to effectively bypass the usual speed bumps and get you through the hardest part of successful course creation – the planning and design phase.
At the end of the program you will know your course scope, have your entire course mapped out, all your scripting created and optimized, know what additional content to provide your clients, and have identified the best tools to create the right content in the right format for you and your clients. You’ll also have indispensable templates and 6 hours of audio specific to your course building needs, all valuable scaffolding for this and your future courses.

Get-It-Done Online Course Creation