8 week media training to

profitable podcast appearances


Enhanced Visibility of Podcast Content

The Enhanced Visibility of Podcast Content

Make no mistake – podcasts are NOT social media. There aren’t a million people piling in with a endless barrage of content drowning your content out and resigning it to obscurity.

Podcasts are a broadcast media; a one-way distribution of content to people strictly there to consume content – content like yours. For podcasts, that’s a quarter billion people 

The Greatest Content Longevity

Feeding social media’s ever-increasing demand for fresh content and paid ads for rapidly diminishing benefit and ever-decreasing return on your effort and money?  How long are you reaping the benefit of that content?
Quality content only works if people see it.
How long does content last?


Your Brand, your message on the biggest broadcast platforms on the planet

Biggest Broadcast Platforms on the Planet

Those podcast episodes  – all featuring you and your expertise – are nicely curated, organized and readily available on the biggest broadcast platforms on the planet

Yes – over a dozen of the most accessed broadcast platforms will be offering up your message to one of the fastest growing audiences – true audiences looking to consume long-form content.


This ain’t social media, Dorothy

Why media training?

podcasts are just conversation, right?

Making a podcast guest appearance is public speaking.

You choose to take time out of your business to appear on a show because it has strategic value for your marketing goals. You identify it as an ideal vehicle, you successfully pitch the show and get booked, and that appearance – that performance – will now be an easily findable snapshot of who you are, what you do, and why that matters. You now will want to leverage that valuable piece of content and make it work for your business.

No. It's not just a conversation.  You need training to do it right.


In just 8 weeks!

Schedule and structure of the Podcast Guest Fast Track Program

In just 8 short weeks, you'll have:

1 – your signature BRAND TALK that sells,
2 – your process for finding the BEST SHOWS for your message,
3 – your PITCHING templates to get you booked,
4 – everything you need to slay your appearances,
5 – your MARKETING PROCESS for leveraging each appearance,
6 – a BOOKING, on at least ONE podcast that suits your business – guaranteed!
7 – your plan for expanding your podcast guesting into speaking, TV or other media opportunitiesPLUS:  ongoing support in the Fast Track community group

Who You’ll Be Working With

September Smith, Podcaster & Podcast-Guesting Coach

September Smith

Podcast Producer & Podcast-Guesting Coach
at Of Course!™ Consulting

September Smith

  • Media trainer for podcast guesting
  • Interview video designer/producer for businesses
  • Podcast host and producer
  • Interviewer

I combine years of digital content production strategy and online business experience with the art of podcast-guesting …  

to teach entrepreneurs, executives and business owners how to pitch, land and leverage podcast guest appearances as a powerful part of their marketing plan.

Solution: position yourself as a thought leader in your field and have your authoritative interview content – both audio and video – across multiple major platforms.


The FAST TRACK program also features some guest experts in the fields of Professional speaking, TV, Print media and Publicity to help you build a full media plan founded on your podcast guesting strategy
Toni Caruso

Toni Caruso

Professional Speaker, Event Organizer,Founder & CEO of Academy4Speakers

Stacia Crawford

Visibility Strategist, Media Trainer, 30 yr Network TV Producer – Founder of Stay Ready Media

Jill Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist

Jill Lublin

Master Publicity Strategist,
4 x Best-selling Author, Founder of Jill Lublin.com

The place

We are online!

WHEREVER YOU ARE!  We are virtual – you can partake from wherever they are. Using Zoom, an online community and a few simple tools, we will have you booked and ready for your first polished podcast guest appearance in just 8 weeks

Podcast Guesting

Podcast-guest appearances could be working for you and your business RIGHT NOW.  You just need to get started with strategy and a plan.

Let’s FAST TRACK that and get you and your message out to the world, easily findable on some of the biggest platforms on the planet!