Podcast Guesting Prep School


MAR 22 – 24, 2022

Podcast Guesting Prep School w September Smith

"Are you ready for a business breakthrough, or are you just going to settle for more of the same?"

Doug Morneau

Podcast Guesting Prep School

Prep schools put the foundation under a student ready to embark on their new venture in higher learning.  It supplies them with the knowledge and context to start powerfully, know where they are going, and to excel.

For the entrepreneur or thought leader who really wants to hit big, using media like other people’s podcasts, to rapidly rise to get found and heard – Podcast Guesting Prep School sets you up for success

Day 1

VISION: What Can Be Achieved with Podcast Guesting

  • How people just like you are strategically using podcast guesting,
  • What they are achieving with it, and
  • The trajectory of where they are going with it to build out their media plan

What you'll come away with:

A vision of the powerful potential you could be harnessing. Examples of real life business people, just like you, who have been using and continue using podcast guesting, in ways and for results that will open your eyes.

Day 2

CLARITY: What Goals Can You Achieve?

  • Which of your business goals you want to advance with a podcast guesting-based media strategy
  • Which examples from Day 1 can work for your business goals 
  • How these could be creatively customized to your needs

What you'll come away with:

Clarity on your business goals, how guesting can be used to accomplish them, and how you can customize and implement some of the examples from day 1 as a creative approach for your business.

Day 3

DIRECTION: Mapping Your Goals to Strategy

  • Mapping your goals and approaches to a strategy
  • What other elements need putting in place
  • Where you need to go from here

What you'll come away with:

Direction on what you need to be putting in place now to implement your podcast-guesting-based media strategy, and how to move forward.

Hear more about Prep School - 3 days that will change your business - maybe even change your life!😳

Podcast Guesting Prep School

Mastery of this medium is a game-changer for you and your business.

The people you want to reach are listening to podcasts. 

Do they hear you?

Podcasts are the hottest growth medium in B2B with an incredibly accessible barrier to entry.   This makes podcast guesting the shortcut to sparking interest in your brand, your offering – in you!
With nearly 2.5 million podcasts worldwide, and about a billion regular global listeners, podcasts put you at the heart of your customers’ lives and decision making.

Join us for this 3-day, hands-on, live virtual event – for a fraction of the price of a personal consultation, learn what you need to know to create your custom media plan to start powerfully leveraging podcast guesting.