For the purposes this Referral Program, the terms have the following meaning:

Seller” is Of Course Consulting and is in the business of Business Consulting and Training.

Referrer” is the party that has agreed to act as an intermediary finder of clients for the Seller and his/her services.

“Parties”  refers collectively to the Referrer and Seller.


This Agreement may be terminated in case the following occurs:

  • When the Parties agree to cease this relationship.
  • When the Referrer chooses to cease participating.
  • When the Seller no longer provides the services or programs

At the time of termination, all outstanding referral fees and payments owing will be paid, given that the one-month non-refund purchase remains in place.


  • The Referrer in this Program is an independent contractor where the Seller provides the services referred.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Referrer be considered an employee.
  • Participation in this Referral Program does not create any other partnership between the Parties.


  • The Referrer will receive 15% commission per referral resulting in the un-refunded purchase of the Sellers programs or services.
  • The Referrer will be paid out by the Seller one month after the referred un-refunded purchase.
  • The Parties agree that the Referrer will only receive payment for a referral that is not refunded within one month of sale.
  • The means of payment will be a online payment processor transferring funds owed to Referrer from the Seller.