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Media Training for Profitable Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting Fast Track

For those who prefer a group setting with more self-direction and collaborative potential

Podcast Guesting Fast Track Program

4-week group program with ongoing community support. Each participant will have a personal 90 minute baseline recorded consultation and analysis to uncover the elements key to their entire process. In addition, there will be learning materials, a paced curriculum, weekly group training sessions, a community for group work, paired practice and for getting questions answered.

By the end of the program, you will have mastered the Core 5 elements to successfully use podcast guesting for your business. As a result you will have :

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Private Podcast Guesting PackageFor those who want personal support and a timeline that works with their business

Personalized Media Training: Podcast guesting for PR and Business Growth

This is a fully-supported, 7-week, done-with-you private package. By the end of this program, your results will be: – Mastery of the Core 5 elements to successfully use podcast guesting for your business. From the CORE 5, you will have:

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In addition

VIP Podcast Guest Concierge

For those who prefer working in a group setting with more self-direction and collaborative potential

VIP Podcast Guest Concierge

This intensive one-on-one project collapses timelines to achieve all 5 core elements, but will only require about 2 days of your time.
The assets, research, planning and documentation are all done for you, as well as the production of your premier podcast interview video and audio, and dynamic marketing assets for that.
To give us all the information we need to carry out this done-for-you service, your time and inputs during our time together are to establish:

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In addition, we work together to have practice runs for you interview and then the final recording of your video-podcast interview session which will be fully edited, branded and produced.
The Done-For-You deliverables are:

Will it work for you? Find Out!

The Core 5

Steps to Essential Strategic Podcast Guesting

Step 1

Your Signature Brand Story

WHAT IT IS: the framing of the perfect “story” for you, your business and the customers you are targeting. Whether you call it a “talk”, speech, interview, or the ‘copy’ that your website and email marketing should be using and re-using – this strategic piece of messaging is what gets you heard – and hired

WHY YOU NEED IT: without a clear, concise, consistent message no one gets what you can do for them. When you’re talking from the stage or on mic, ‘winging-it’ is wasting your shot

WHAT YOU’LL HAVE AT END: a nice, formulaic set of talking points that you can use anywhere, anytime to conversationally take your listening audience from “Who is this person?” to “How can I work with her?”
Step 1
Step 2

Your Target Shows

WHAT IT IS: how to find the best podcasts, video-podcasts or virtual stages for you, your brand and the audience you want to attract.

WHY YOU NEED IT: you want the shows you are on to complement and enhance you and your message to hit home with the people you want to attract

WHAT YOU’LL HAVE AT END: a profile of your ideal show type, and tips, techniques and locations for finding them
Step 2
Step 3

Your Get-Booked Strategy

WHAT IT IS: creating the pitch and the required materials you’ll need to get accepted on your ideal podcasts

WHY YOU NEED IT: podcast teams get dozens of requests per week to be a guest; you need to do it right and make it easy for them or you’re just an annoyance

WHAT YOU’LL HAVE AT END: the methodology and the content to satisfy almost any podcast and get you in for serious consideration as a featured guest
Step 3
Step 4

Your Perfect Appearance

WHAT IT IS: knowing exactly what you need to do to sound and look your best for your guest appearance

WHY YOU NEED IT: if you show up looking and sounding less than the star you are, you are doing a disservice to the show and to yourself. The show may decide, on the spot, that they made a mistake inviting you and cancel the taping. News travels fast in the podcast world about great guests and about bad guests; you want to be the former

WHAT YOU’LL HAVE AT END: everything you need to know to look and sound like a million bucks, and to help ensure content that is going to strongly promote you and your business
Step 4
Step 5

Your Make-It-Pay Marketing Plan

WHAT IT IS: how to get ROI on your appearances by growing your audience, network and client list

WHY YOU NEED IT: if you don’t know this, you are wasting 99% of the value of your appearances

WHAT YOU’LL HAVE AT END: a strategy for how you are going to parlay your appearances into marketing gold that builds your authority, credibility, and know-ability to raise you above all your competitors and reach your ideal clients
Step 5

Podcast Guesting – Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast Guesting – Is this even a thing??

It absolutely IS a thing and some smart business people have been onto this for quite a while. “Podcast Guesting” is when you are the featured guest interview on someone’s podcast. Podcasts and video-podcast shows have rapidly grown to more than 2 million. There are now so many more podcasters looking for quality content to share and you and your business can benefit from that if you know what you’re doing!  

My friend was on a podcast and it didn’t help their business – why?

Just going on a podcast doesn’t make it work for your business any more than just walking into a kitchen makes you a chef. If you don’t know what you’re doing there is little chance it will work in your favor. In fact, approaching it that way, there is a greater chance that it could negatively impact your reputation and public image than benefit it. There are 5 core things – what I call the Core 5 – you need to have in place to really make podcast-guesting work for you.

For exposure for my business, shouldn’t I start a podcast myself?
If you are already pretty savvy with the tech and tools involved in producing a podcast – and you have a LOT of time on your hands to create, publish, and market – and to grow a whole audience for this puppy – then yes, you might want to start a podcast right out of the gate. If not, get all that free exposure and save yourself the time and money – become a guest.
If you do want to start one some time in the future, podcast guesting will give you an insider view of how it works, different processes and tools hosts use, you’ll be growing your audience and your network so, when you DO launch your podcast, you have a ton of support and audience just waiting to help you make it big!
Can’t I just pay to have my own interview video made to promote my business?

You definitely can – it starts at ~$1000 and sky-rockets from there if you want control of the interview and the production. Once it is created, it is now your job to do something with it to use it to promote you and your business.
As long as you have the Core 5 basics in place – covered in my programs – you will be able to find podcast shows that are happy to interview you and share your episode with their audience and the world and more than happy to have you use the content to promote yourself!

I’m already on Clubhouse – what can guest appearances on (video)podcasts do for me?
Clubhouse is a super tool right now for networking – definitely use it! Clubhouse is like live radio – there is no lasting content to share or discover. CH doesn’t give you the verifiable content on your website where potential customers can find it – content that spotlights you and has the social proof of being a featured guest expert.