Podcasts are a Hot 2021 Marketing Channel …

Is It Something for My Business? … and Do I Need to Become a Podcaster??

If you are a podcast listener – even an avid listener – it is a big leap to becoming a podcast host.  You should rightly question why it is that the world needs another podcast since the rapid rise of podcast during the pandemic has brought the number to about 2 million.

The first step should be to ask if podcasts can possibly fill any of your business goals

What are your Business Needs and Goals? 

If you answer yes to most of these, then podcasts should be on your radar:


YOU want to:

  • build you brand and solidify brand identity
  • “be known…X”  for your particular product or service
  • get your message out – messaging that articulates WHAT you offer and why it’s of value
  • build your network and your audience
  • generate leads and conversions around your offering
  • stand out from the competition
  • build trust
  • establish thought-leadership
  • have a lasting body of content demonstrating your expertise – across multiple platforms


The Podcast Potential Litmus Test:

Answer YES to the following and podcasting might just be your next big thing!


do you have the time? – anywhere from 4 – 15 extra hours a week for planning, booking, communicating with guests, recording, editing, producing, uploading, preparing show notes, social media content production and nurturing?  if your answers is no, then…


do you have the budget to hire a production team or, at very least, an editor?


do you have the volume of valuable, newsworthy information to consistently producing binge-able long-form content?


does your potential client need to see that you have a breadth and depth of knowledge on a wide variety of topics?


do you love talking?  like talking for hours? weekly?


That is actually a pretty demanding list and not every business can fill that criteria.


HOWEVER! If you are all about building brand, authority and audience and have your consistent core 3-5 talking points that drive your brand story …you should probably go with podcast guesting


Podcast Guesting Can Work for You!

Podcast Guesting gives you the opportunity to get on a variety of shows and platforms whenever the need arises, engage in a great conversation, repeating your crafted message, give massive value, and get known as that person who does, well – whatever it is that you do!


In my Get Seen and Heard to Grow community, I help female entrepreneurs get their strategy in place and start growing their business with podcast guesting.

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