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June 29, 2023

Welcome, AI enthusiasts.

We’re midway through the year and so far it has been all about AI, ChatGPT, AI Agents, and media pieces screaming about how we’re all going to lose our jobs because of it. Same hysteria they led with when the internet became a thing, I’m told; I’m Gen Z so it’s not like I remember.

The way I see it is that AI is here and we are only experiencing the front edge of the AI tsunami that’s bearing down on us.

Businesses – all of us – have two choices: do nothing, bemoaning the oncoming wave until it takes you under – or figure out how you are going to ride this reality.

…You might want to get on that board sooner rather than later.

It's Not US vs AI

Early adoption and learning how to pair your existing skills and insights with AI is key. The unique blend of human creativity and AI efficiency is changing the game for businesses. Case(s) in point?

AI: Killer Business Pitches and More!

According to a study conducted by Clarify Capital, GPT-4-generated business pitches are three times more likely to secure funding than human-created ones.

AI-generated images are outperforming traditional photos on Adobe Stock.

A staggering 97% of businesses surveyed believe ChatGPT and AI will help their operations with everything from improving customer relations and increasing productivity to increasing sales and cost savings.

This implies that AI tools can not only be used to automate tasks but also to enhance the quality of work, providing a competitive edge in business scenarios.

AI and Human Creativity: The Ultimate Ride

AI’s role doesn’t end at automating tasks, improving efficiency and augmenting human creativity. The latest Harvard Business Review credits AI with business benefits like:

  • promoting divergent thinking,
  • challenging expertise bias,
  • assisting in idea evaluation,
  • supporting idea refinement, and
  • facilitating collaboration among users

A New Era of Creativity with AI

As we have all rapidly come to know this year, generative AI models like GPT-4 can produce sophisticated, detailed content and in-depth. But does this mean that computers are truly creative?

Like my coder friends love to say, it’s a matter of GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.

While AI mimics human creativity, it’s an extension of our creative abilities, not a replacement. The quality of the end product truly depends on the inputs and refinements on the Human side of things.

So, hey – good news! You might still have a job this time next month!

Embracing the Future: AI and Businesses

Like I said, the business application potential – and the potential for you getting in on the game – goes way beyond pitch-decks and pretty images. AI’s ability to learn and generate content means that it can be used in numerous business applications saving time, money and seriously boosting productivity. Businesses – and humans – that get it and adapt to ride this wave are going to survive and thrive.

So, here are the Key Takeaways

  • AI like ChatGPT-4 is only coming for your job if you refuse to learn how to leverage it
  • AI, used right, can be the secret super-sauce for your business pitches and other marketing content.
  • AI doesn’t replace human creativity; it augments it, facilitating innovation and collaboration.
  • Figure out how you are going to embed AI in your business strategy for new opportunities, growth and innovation.

For businesses, the future is here, and it’s powered by AI. Figure out how you are going to ride it.

If you want to chat about how your business could be doing that right now, hit me up!

Published by

AI-Powered Visual Design | AI Content-Creation Specialist | Data-Driven Design

Published June 29, 2023

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