What’s YOUR Unique Value Proposition?

Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or you’re a real-life “bricks and mortar” entrepreneur dealing with customers face-to-face, it’s crucially important in both scenarios that you have your “Unique Value Proposition”.

Unique Value Proposition?

In plain-speak, your Unique Value Proposition is that sound-bite messaging that is on all your business material, the first thing people should see when they come to your website or your social media pages that tells them:

“This is the solution I offer!”

That’s critically important. It needs to be super obvious – much like highway signage. When we’re driving down the highway, the intended message on any signs have to be instantly understandable for the brief seconds of attention the driver can give it.  the brief visual they don’t want to go like, Oh, you might want to turn here, they tell you exactly what it is that you’re turning for.

You have 3-5 seconds to catch the attention of the people that come to your website or your social media platforms, and they need to know why you and your services matters to them. They don’t know you and there’s a billion other people and other sites that they could be looking at.

Have a clear compelling catch-phrase – your value proposition – flashing out at those visitors or you blow your shot.


Here are some examples of successful value propositions. I’m sure you’re familiar  with at least some of these companies.  Even if you don’t know the company, you can see how immediately, you know what it is that they do and if that’s something that you’re looking for. Having caught your attention, you’re going to go deeper, explore further and spend more time engaging with that company’s content – and lodging it in your subconscious as something relevant to remember.

That’s what we need to have for our businesses. We need to be putting out that doormat that says, “Come in – I’ve got your answer”.

It’s the doormat that says, “Come in – I’ve got your answer”

Being able to craft that effective value proposition relates back to why it is that you need to have a crystal-clear concept of the main solution your business offers.

In the beginning phase of your business, or even after, make sure that you have a really clear picture of what the solution is that you’re going to be offering your clients. What is the problem you solve?

And how do you articulate that as clearly as possible?

Whether it’s planning stages for your business, for a product or service, planning a book, a course, or a program – whatever it is – you’ve got to get clear on two things:

1) Who am I talking to? Who am I selling to?  The way you craft your messaging must resonate with that “ideal client”, with your ideal audience, and

2) What’s my ‘solution’ that I offer.

Knowing that ‘solution’, you need to devise that perfect, succinct piece of messaging that states, unequivocally, why people – YOUR people – should care.

What’s your unique value proposition?




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